The Next Rainy Day



Grant McRae has a new career as a police officer, a lovely wife and healthy son. Bert Commerford, a man on a losing streak, is trying to rebuild his life, and do what he can for his two sons: Travis, a promising junior hockey player, and Russell, a thug with plenty of resentment towards Bert and his murky past. Tragedy befalls these two families and their lives intersect in the worst possible way. The Next Rainy Day is a fast-paced crime story and an exploration of  family, duty, loss and duplicity.


" The Next Rainy Day is a strong debut from Alexander...about how men deal with trauma...and seek to resolve troubled emotions...The Next Rainy Day could have come from the pen of Russell Banks."

-The Danforth Review

" A tale of two fathers and the family as freak show, told with a double narrative and layered plot..."

-  The Vancouver Sun

" Alexander spares us nothing but judgement in the The Next Rainy Day."

- Ottawa Xpress

" ...a closely connected and heart-wrenching story..."

- The Lethbridge Herald

"The Next Rainy Day is a novel about cops and crimes, about death and loss, but is in no way a contrivance. This is a real novel, a work of deep humanity and insight."

- Craig Holden,  author of Four Corners of Night and The Narcissist's Daughter

"  Alexander gets it right, every bit of it. He has and admirably clean and direct style, a clear, unsparing eye, and a big heart."

- Mick Cochrane, author of Fitz and Flesh Wounds

*** trade paperback edition of this book is out-of-print, but the book is still available for Kindle, Kobo, I-Tunes download ***

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