In this dark and gritty crime novel, the vacant Skyward Fairgrounds loom in the background as regional police officers pursue a stolen car and its unpredictable driver. A dangerous, high-speed game of cat and mouse unfolds on icy country roads. A few miles from the frozen highways, relentless Detective Kyle McVeigh pushes the  boundaries to arrest clever townie and  troublemaker, Stan Hill. McVeigh believes that Hill is responsible for three abductions that occurred at the Skyward Fair. The peculiar life of pursued unfolds as he taunts and dares his pursuers, while the single-minded Detective moves ever closer to taking down his suspect. But when rookie officer Sheila Warfield enters the fray, the facts -- and her uncanny premonitions -- threaten to drag everyone into frightening and deadly territory.


"...a taut and adroit crime novel...quirky & funny in a way that sits comfortably among books by Carol Shields, Trevor Cole and Ethan Coen's screenplay for Fargo"

- Publishers' Weekly

"...well-crafted and smartly paced...a chilling and atmospheric crime procedural."

-  Kirkus Reviews

" The writing is confident, the characters well-drawn, the plot intriguing..."

-The Toronto Star

"... an intricate, closely observed tale... dark tale of considerable suspense and some violence—and yet  its most singular trait is a large compassion and sympathy. With Skyward Philip David Alexander has constructed a kind of latter-day Winesburg Ohio."

Castle Freeman Jr., author of The Devil in the Valley and Go With Me.

" Philip David Alexander’s Skyward is the police novel I’ve been waiting for. Dark, accessible, full of heart, gutsy and gripping, close to the bone... menacing and absorbing in new ways. Put this book at the top of your to-read list now."

- William Boyle, author of Gravesend and Death Don't Have No Mercy.

" A stone-solid brilliant book with great characters, incredible writing and a clever, intricate plot..."

- Martin Clark, author of The Jezebel Remedy and The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living

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