Once a blue-collar town, Peacefield is now a place in transition. Luxury town-homes and upscale boutiques have replaced factories and corner stores. One night, the otherwise bucolic town explodes with gunfire. A hostage crisis ensues, and the local police department is caught flat-footed. Officers Grant Ambler and Arnold Strauss are both new to the department, and both carrying the weight of their own personal problems as they walk, unaware, into the mayhem. In a single evening, Peacefield is transformed  from a quiet, anonymous place into a violent and unpredictable nightmare, where lives are shattered, faith is renewed and long-concealed mysteries are solved.


"...deceptively begins like a police procedural...the characters are resoundingly developed and intense novel that expertly weaves varying perspectives of a singular, life-changing event."

 - Kirkus Reviews

"...mixing social and magic realism, Peacefield analyzes how relations between people can turn violent or redemptive, often the result of a single choice."

-The Globe & Mail

"...brilliantly depicts how the quietness of everyday, small-town life can be disturbed suddenly..."

- All Lit Up

"...gritty and unpredictable...packed with mystery and action..."

- Hamilton Magazine

" One searing act of violence reveals a town's secrets, exposing the internal longing and desires of everyone touched by the mayhem. In Peacefield,Philip David Alexander has written a novel for our times."

- Scott Lasser, author of Say Nice Things About Detroit

"  There is violence and isolation and dark humour here,  but there is also light and faith for these complex men and women.Peacefieldis written with gritty compassion  and grace..."

- John Vigna, author of Bull Head

"  ...explores the mysterious line that divides this world from the next...Peacefield provides that rare literary experience...a genuinely suspenseful novel populated by characters so real they will live and breathe in the reader's imagination long after the last page  is turned."

-Thomas Maltman, author of Little Wolves

"...Peacefield offers suspense and a great story, but it also does this rare thing of imagining the inner lives of people."

-James Whorton, Jr. author of Angel Sloan and Approximately Heaven

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